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Can someone be a feminist & a religious at the same time ? Let’s try to answer it using pure logic.

First of all we should distinguish between religion -spiritually speaking- and religion as an institution. The first one is purely individual and does not take direct actions in the collective community life, it’s the last one that concern us.

An institution implies power and a purpose serving the power owners behind each action whatever the front purpose (good or bad) is, which is of course also the case of religious institutions. Also, it is commonly known that all the sacred books have been written & religious institution founded at a time when the power of decision was owned by men while women’s rights were inexistent.

Religious institutions kept the women in a very degraded position over the centuries. For example, in Monotheist Religions, women are the main cause for putting out the whole humanity from heaven. About inheritance in Islam, men gets the double than women. Yes, it was in a time when the men were in charge, but what about now ?

So, this is why you can’t be a feminist defending women’s rights and be a religious among a religious institution. Unless, you’re suffering from schizophrenia.

Religious institutions can be accepted in the feminism world only if they make progress by adapting their values system with the present society model. As for the example of the inheritance in Islam, women now are a pillar in the financial matters in the family.

However, if we talk about religion from the spiritual side that implies respect, a continuous self questioning and improvement for ourselves and everything around us where “there is no need for temples” (Dalai Lama), so yes you can be religious and a feminist at the same time.

But actually, no religion & no one gives someone his rights. We have to work -not to fight- for our rights, and it’s only then that law guarantee it & society respect it.


My Voice, YOUR Voice !

“Happiness is real only when it shared.” (Into The Wild)

This is one of my favorite quotes, it goes also for injustices: when it’s under-reported people forget about that it exist -even if they know it do-, and it’s not real anymore in our mind.

My Voice have to be used to share the news about the injustices all over Our World to let people stay aware of its effects.
Why is My voice so important?
Because it’s a part of the world and every time I share the reality of Our World, people will hear My Voice and stay aware of it, they will take a small good action.
This action can be:
– a thought and “With our thoughts, we make the world” (Buddha).
– a values change and “Anything that changes your values changes your behavior” (George A. Sheehan) .

But what do I want to say ?
I want to tell Our World how people see Their Own World and also how they see themselves. Because I always thought that it’s fascinating how two people can see one thing differently, how they can have different “viewpoints” on the same topic even if they agree on the same issues.
Global Girl Media has given me the chance to speak My Voice and to be heard in Our World.

This is Nada Rifki reporting for Global Girl Media.
This is Our World, and My Voice.