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After this football game, this is how I feel as a Moroccan.

It’s been a real long time since we had an homogeneous Moroccan National Football Team. A homogeneity that we’ve been able to feel among our national team players during this game against the Mozambique.

So now, I have a question: Is it with Moroccan coaches or foreign coaches that we were able to get the best results? Since my first memories, and according to my empirical observations, it is definitely with the Moroccan coaches !

But I am a bit skeptical about the next games of our “Atlas Lions”. I fear that they don’t keep their feet on the ground and get an excess of self confidence, which can have in my opinion negative repercussions on their performance.

I must also say that the moments where I’m proud of my country are very rare, and Zaki & its selection were the first to make me proud of my country. I am a patriot, but the only moments that I can feel proud of my country is when our Moroccan National Football wins with great results and performance.

This is due to the situation of Morocco on the economic side and specially on the social and ethnological sides, but I’m not writing today to talk about the pain that we carry with us as Moroccan but I’m writing today to say that the “Atlas Lions” have made me proud and, believe me, I’m not the only one.

Football in Morocco is not just a national sport, but it’s the opportunity for once and for all Moroccans to feel proud of being Moroccan.